A smarter way to monitor and inspect remotely is coming!

We are building the premier construction monitoring platform. Africa is plagued with poorly executed projects in terms of quality assurance and oversight leading to project delays, cost over-runs and ultimately unstable buildings.
Build Monitor Build Monitor

Gain regular, accurate project status information on engineering, material delivery, production, inspection, testing, packing and shipping, helping you make informed decisions
Protect your investment and assure quality with constant project monitoring
Ensure your project adheres to schedule and can be completed on time and within budget
Detect possible problems quickly with regular reporting, helping you foresee cost overruns and delays

Build Inspect Build Inspect

Inspect and oversee construction to ensure procedures and materials comply with plans and specifications
Examine quality of installations for conformity to standards and specifications
Interpret drawings and specifications and discuss deviations
Conduct field testing of soils/sand, concrete and asphalt, and materials sampling
Ensure smooth and timely project close-out